Your Move is a free program run by the Department of Transport that supports individuals, schools and workplaces to start swapping a few car trips each week for walking, riding a bike or catching public transport.

Our website supports the program by providing individuals with handy tips and information to find out what's on in their local area and discover what other people are doing to get more active as part of their daily routine.

The website also helps schools and workplaces plan activities, write stories about what they did, find out what others are doing and earn points to redeem for some great rewards.

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Prior to the development of the present Your Move program, The Department of Transport (DOT) developed and delivered several successful iterations of Travel Behaviour Change (TBC) programs.

Starting over 20 years ago as TravelSmart and evolving and growing into Living Smart, then Your Move, our approach of delivering highly localised, personalised information, one-on-one conversations and ongoing feedback has been recognised and replicated around the world.

Over this time we have supported over 500,000 individuals as well as hundreds of dedicated active transport champions across Western Australia to encourage students, co-workers and local residents to choose more active ways to get around.

Read below for more information about past programs.

History of past programs

TravelSmart program (1997-2015)

The TravelSmart program was first developed in Perth, Western Australia in 1997 by DOT in conjunction with SocialData, in response to the Metropolitan Transport Strategy which recognised that planners could not continue the ‘predict and provide’ model of delivering transport outcomes (Department of Transport, 1995). TravelSmart was a purpose built program for households, using an evidence based social marketing methodology, which applied personalised phone based coaching, during which participants talked through barriers and benefits, social norms, and enabled social diffusion to bring about TBC in the community (Baudains, Dingle, & Styles, 2002).

Living Smart Households program (2007 – 2012)

The Living Smart concept was a reaction to a new emphasis on sustainability and the project started it’s life as a community based environmental education project (Sheehy & Dingle, 2004).

In response to the results from the Living Smart community courses, DoT repositioned its TravelSmart household program to test and expand the reach of behaviour change methodology to include sustainability issues in the household setting (Ashton-Graham & Newman, 2013).

Two demonstration projects were subsequently delivered in the local government areas of Joondalup and Mandurah during 2007/2008. The Living Smart Households program combined the successful goal setting techniques from the community courses, with the innovative personalised phone based coaching calls pioneered in the TravelSmart programs.

This combination helped guide participants through difficult topics such as their monthly meter reading results, and enabled participants to set new goals with their phone coach towards reducing their electricity, water and car use (Ashton-Graham & Newman, 2013).

ActiveSmart program (2007 – 2011)

In 2007 the TravelSmart methodology was applied to physical activity, and the ActiveSmart program was jointly developed by the DSR and DoT, primarily designed to increase people’s participation in all forms of physical activity, including active transport (UrbanTrans, 2012).

The initiative for this project came from research undertaken by the former Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI), that demonstrated the excellent physical activity benefits from the TravelSmart program that were reported to the then ‘Physical Activity Taskforce’.

A small pilot program was delivered by DSR to 500 households in Rockingham in 2008/09. An unintended outcome of this program was a marked increase in use of active and public transport modes for all trip purposes. After the success of the pilot, a larger scale program was delivered by DSR to over 4,000 households in Geraldton in 2011.

Your Move program (2013- present)

Individually, DoT’s TravelSmart program and the DSR’s ActiveSmart programs both produced impressive behaviour change results in terms of increasing active transport and physical activity levels (Ashton-Graham & John, 2006; SocialData, 2012; UrbanTrans, 2012). Correspondingly, both departments observed unintended by products of their programs, such as an increase in physical activity and health benefits for TravelSmart participants, and an increase in active transport and public transport uptake for ActiveSmart participants.

Consequently, both departments decided to combine resources and deliver a single large-scale community based TBC program called Your Move in the City of Cockburn in 2013/14. Your Move Cockburn aimed to decrease trips made by car and increase physical activity levels, while increasing active transport, public transport use and sporting participation levels (Department of Transport & Department of Sport and Recreation, 2013).

Your Move capitalised on the synergies that existed between both programs, and integrated the two methodologies, showcasing best practice in cross government collaboration. This highly innovative and evidence based program differed from past programs by employing broader recruitment methodologies (door-knocking, local events, and inbound text messages and website registration), a more sophisticated three-stage approach to telephone coaching and a focus on capacity building through community development initiatives (Department of Transport & Department of Sport and Recreation, 2013).

After the success of Your Move Cockburn, the Your Move program has been rolled out in the City of Wanneroo in 2015 and in Town of Victoria Park in 2017, with Town of Bassendean chosen for 2019.

Your Move Bassendean

The Department of Transport will be running Your Move Bassendean from February–May 2019 intensively with the residents, schools and the Town of Bassendean(ToB).

Your Move Bassendean will be a free, comprehensive, personalised program providing information, materials and support to encourage individuals, workplaces, schools in the Bassendean area to walk, ride a bike and use public transport more often, helping encourage a healthy, connected and more active lifestyle for residents in Bassendean.

The ToB is working closely with DoT to support the delivery of this project to residents, schools and workplaces in the Town of Bassendean.

The Your Move program, delivered by Department of Transport, has been rolled out in the City of Cockburn in 2013, the City of Wanneroo in 2015 and in Town of Victoria Park in 2017, with Town of Bassendean chosen for 2019.

Check out the inspiring video below from Your Move Cockburn to see what our champions and participants have had to say about Your Move.

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